Hi There,

Let me introduce myself & Vedic Meditation


My name is Beatrix or as everybody knows me B.

I'm originally from Hungary and live in Sydney with my family since 2012.

I practice and teach Vedic meditation, which I've found to be extremely beneficial to my daily life.

Have you ever felt that you'd love to go on a holiday from yourself or just be able to switch off the repetitive thoughts in your head?

Guess what?! That was my reason to start meditating. With this effortless technique I was able to feel freedom from my over thinking self.

Meditation helps me to be a better person, and therefore a better mother.

The best compliment that I received was from my son, who said that my patience jar went up from 1L to 500L.

That is doubtlessly one way to describe the many benefits of meditation.

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Vedic Meditation

Vedic Meditation is an ancient technique which has been around for thousands of years, 5,000 years in fact.

It comes from The Vedas, the body of knowledge from which Yoga, Ayurveda and all of eastern philosophy and wisdom originate.

60 years ago, if you wanted to learn this technique you had to go to the Himalaya in India and spend time with a Guru (teacher) in an ashram (spiritual monastery).

In these days the technique is available for you without going to India. I had the fortune that I could go to a teacher training course and spend months in the Himalaya after my previous 4 years of practicing meditation and studying and I can now pass this knowledge on to you.

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Meditate Anywhere

Vedic Meditation is a very simple, easy "eyes-closed" technique.

Once you've learned the technique, all you need is to sit comfortably with your back supported. The rest is effortless!

After the 4-day course (90 min each day), you will be a self-sufficient meditator. You will also have the tools to easily meditate anywhere and in any environment.

Last but not least, you'll have access to group meditation.

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How Meditation Can Help You

By meditating twice a day your body not just releases the daily stress, it releases the accumulated stress from past experiences.

The first week of meditation can release half a year of this accumulated stress.

You feel healthier, lighter and happier for no specific reason.

The physical and health benefits of meditation on ageing are vast, not just aesthetically, but also from the social, cultural, psychological, cognitive and biological aspect.

The word stress and age are the same word from a gerontology (science of ageing) perspective.

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See the Difference

Life becomes easier, frictionless and more enjoyable because you remain in the moment. This presence allows you to find harmony with every day tasks, family and work.

With this technique you can go beyond your thoughts, it's a place where you recharge and experience bliss and incorporate this into your everyday life.

You will have less repetitive thoughts, more relevant creative thoughts and will learn to listen to your gut feeling and follow through with courage.


Beatrix exudes the peace and vibrancy that comes from years of Meditation. She shows you how simple it is to incorporate something so powerful into your daily life and pays respect to the masters in the most humble way. You know when doing the course that whilst Beatrix may be guiding you, the knowledge she is sharing is ancient. This course is not only the perfect introduction to the practice for beginners but also a grounding reminder of the physiological science behind the practice experienced meditators. If this course is calling to you, do it, you won’t regret it.



When I reached out to Bea I was out of mental strength and felt completely burned out from work and current relationship I was in that time. I am sure many of us can relate. That time I was pretty new to meditation and had no idea what it is or how can it improve quality of my life. I was missing lot’s of patience though as I am used to be up and running 24/7. As soon as I took vedic meditation course with Bea I felt like something has changed in me. It is almost indescribable feeling. I have developed inner strength and calmness especially in most challenging situations. I became more present and started to fully enjoy present moment without overthinking of what I needed to do next as I used to do a lot more before. Therefore I would highly recommend to book a session with lovely Bea. She is amazing and will guide you through every step of this journey with a smile and good vibes!


When you learn that there is a door to a place of beauty, peace and calm which can be found within yourself, you know you’ve discovered something truly special and life changing.

As a busy working mum living the hectic and fast paced life of modern days, it was a deeply transformational experience to learn the Vedic meditation techniques with B, and uncover this whole new special place, full of possibilities (which is just there, hiding a few breaths away from all of us).

I’m immensely grateful to B for sharing her knowledge and wisdom with me, in the most kind, warm and inspiring manner. My recent meditation learnings through this process are just the beginning of a very special journey of life discoveries and improvement of my overall experience as a being. Thanks B!!!